12 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Podcast

Every day someone tells me that they’d like to podcast, but. I get it. There’s always a reason NOT to. That’s why it never gets off the to-do list. Something else comes up and tomorrow is another day, and before you know it another month(or 6) has gone by.


People tell me (every day) that they want to start a podcast. What's stopping them?

The answers vary but it's a combination of not being sure where to start, and tech issues.

Valid concerns.

If you’ve been postponing podcasting because of what you don’t know or understand I want to make it easier for you to put this at the top of the list. Stop procrastinating. It's never been a better time to podcast.

Why podcast?  

1. The tech piece.

It’s easier than ever thanks to some no-cost and low-cost resources. Even basic editing (like adding an introduction) is easy to learn. Lack of technical expertise didn’t stop you from having a website, or selling online, or scheduling appointments virtually, so don’t let it stop you here either.

2. Expanding your reach is job one.  

The magic kicks in when people who don’t know you or haven’t been to your website or store start connecting because they heard your podcast. Well-known authors have been surprised that people are finding them via the podcast before knowing about their books!

3. You can be yourself.

It’s personal and intimate. Your listeners feel like they know you. Podcasting lets you make a real connection with people. It builds loyalty and trust. You can develop a true relationship with your audience.

4. Your voice is needed.

The best podcasts are those with a specific point of view. What do you think about your industry? What’s great? What would you change if you had a magic wand? That’s the conversation listeners want to hear.

Women are particularly under-represented in podcasts. Did you know that over 90% of podcasts are by men even though men and women listen to podcasts equally? Women’s voices are literally not being heard and we’re all missing out. Your voice is needed.

5. It’s real.

Editing out the ums and ahs doesn’t sterilize it into a recorded lecture. Some of the best podcasts are popular because they are real. You can laugh and take your audience into a story. They can feel the energy you bring to your conversations and topics. Many listeners make it part of their routine. Listening while commuting or walking or picking up the kids. You become part of their week.

6. Others will seek you out.  

As you become known for your insights and opinions, you’ll be invited as a guest on other podcasts. You’ll also receive pitch ideas for posts and guests for your podcast. This doesn’t happen day one, but it doesn’t take as long as you might think. Many of our podcasters get pitches and requests after just a month or two of podcasting!

7. You can make money.

Sponsorships work just like other media. Listeners choose to invest this time with you.  Advertisers love an engaged audience. Did you know that over 70% of podcast listeners stay for the entire episode? Another reason why ads work. To compare, 20% of YouTube watchers leave after the first 10 seconds.

8. You can provide an experience.

Listeners will get to know you and your brand in a way that cements their opinion and perspective. 94% of podcast listeners also connect on other online channels. This means you can share a resource on your website, offer the ability for feedback, even create an in-person event. All from podcasting.

9. It’s as easy as having a conversation with a friend.

In fact, that may be the best way to start. You don’t need a degree, special skills or certification from anyone to podcast. All you need is a compelling message. Something to say from your unique perspective. Bring your audience into your story, and they’ll show up to listen.

10. It’s evergreen.

Podcast episodes get downloads every month. Some podcasts are one and done (mostly news and sports) but the others get listens well after the publish date. Google is also making podcast episodes easier to find (link to other post) so relevant content will show up in searches, helping you grow your audience.

11. It’s easy to repurpose.

It can be transcribed into a blog post, updated into a video, make a few slides and put it on slideshare. Use your podcast as anchor content and share via social media. You can use an in-person presentation and convert it to a podcast or take your Facebook live and make it audio only. Different people like to consume content in multiple ways. Podcasting makes that easy.

Create once, share many.

Podcasting makes creating content easy and accessible. If you start today, you could have your podcast ready in a few weeks!

Take the first step.

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