We are husband and wife team, Kelvin and Phyllis Nichols. Our podcast clients depend on us to handle the technical and strategic components so they can focus on what they do best. This fast-paced never changing industry has kept us engaged and excited for what’s next since 2008.

We help business owners create compelling content and amplify their message to establish genuine connections. They tell us it makes them irresistible to their audience. We know that audio content enhances communication and the all important know, like and trust factor required in today’s personalized marketing strategies.

Telling stories allows you to establish trust and real connection with your audience. These relationships between the creator and the listener can educate, motivate and inspire as you grow your revenue and client loyalty. We work with business owners, industry leaders and entrepreneurs who want to communicate directly with their audience. Your message matters. Your audience is waiting. We’ll help you reach them.

You can depend on us for all the technical aspects of podcasting including set up and launching. We can recommend equipment, software, best practices for interviews and more. We provide full scale production including content planning, booking guests, marketing collateral, editing and publishing. We’re looking forward to meeting you and learning about your podcast idea.

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