Tuesdays with Coach Mo is Here

SoundAdvice is thrilled to welcome Monique Betty to the world of podcasting!


Timing is everything.
Today a new podcast launched and it’s here at just the right time.
The crazy thing is that it’s been in the works for a couple of months.

Monique Betty, the creator of the podcast, had the idea last year. In January she began the planning and creation process leading to the launch.
She has a passion for helping high-achievers and emerging leaders create a career that brings fulfillment.

She explains “knowing what you want is just the beginning.” She’s here to help you create the path to get you there.
Today’s leaders need her help more than ever.
Monique didn’t know in January how much everything would change by launch day.

The best part; the information she’s sharing is incredibly relevant.
The podcast is a blend of Coach Mo’s straight talk, success stories and interviews with experts.
Being proactive has never been more important.
The podcast provides tools and resources to help young professionals navigate today’s unpredictable work environment.

Congrats Monique! Your vision for the podcast was incredibly prescient.

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