Grow Your Audience with Reviews

Today’s topic: growing your audience. That is one of the questions we get most often so today I’m going to share one of the strategies that you can use to get your podcast noticed more often by the apps and in all types of searches.


Being easy to find means more people subscribe and become part of your loyal audience. When you are creating great content that’s relevant and meaningful for them then it follows that getting the message in front of them is the only other thing you need to do.

Reviews are a key factor that helps with search results. A podcast with more reviews will be considered more relevant than one with fewer reviews. That’s a big part of how the apps recognize and determine which podcasts to promote when people type in search terms.  

You likely asked for reviews as part of your launch strategy and that was smart. I want to encourage you to add getting reviews into your weekly podcast process. If you got one review a week, at the end of the year with over 50 reviews you’ll experience a big impact to your podcast’s visibility.

Pick one day a week to get (and give) reviews. More on the giving part in a second. Most of us don’t mind asking now and then but we don’t want to feel like we are bugging people every day.

Incorporate it once a week into your social media posts and email. Highlight a recent guest and let people know you’d love for them to get some review love. It doesn’t have to be or feel like it’s all about you.

Most people understand that this is an important factor in search and you aren’t asking to feed your ego. Be friendly, kind and consistent

A few other tips:

Acknowledge your reviews and reviewers. Tweet or mention them on Facebook. You can read them or mention them in future episodes. Jen Lehner gives a shout out on her Flash Briefing every time she gets a new review.

It works. Who doesn’t like a shout out? Everyone likes to be acknowledged. Give your own reviews as well. It’s worth the effort and about more than good karma. It sets the example for listeners to follow.

If you haven’t been asking for reviews (or giving them) let today be the day to begin. Oh, and if you found this helpful, I’d love a review from you! Thanks a bunch and till next time – Happy Podcasting.


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