Google Puts Playable Podcasts In Search Results

You already know that your podcast titles and descriptions are searchable. In July Google announced that the audio content is now being transcribed and indexed as well. As they do this, relevant episodes are showing in search results if the search phrase uses the word podcast.


Search example: podcast about ADHD or ADHD podcast

When I did this, the top 2 results were links to iTunes which we are used to seeing. The next results were individual podcast episode links about the topic.

Screengrab from my Google Search

That means that people will be able to listen right from the results page! Google also says that soon you won’t need to type the word podcast. The content will be indexed and searchable just like written content. We’ll let you know when that update happens.

Why does this matter and more importantly what should you do about it?

It’s more important than ever to know who you are talking to and who is listening, because people like them are also going to be searching.

A great way to frame this is to think about your content and ask yourself what questions would people type into Google (or any other search engine) to find this?

This is good news for podcasts and podcast creators. Google acknowledges the content is relevant and important and wants to make sure it can be found.

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