11 Ways Podcasting Helps Business Growth

Read why podcasting continues to be Sound Advice's the go-to recommendation for building relationships with prospects and clients.


Early in my sales career I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I succeeded because I focused on establishing relationships first. I couldn’t have explained my process; I just knew that it was working so I did more of the same.

As the CEO or leader in your business making connections is vital to company growth and success. That’s why podcasting continues to be my go-to recommendation for building relationships with prospects and clients.

Every day, our customers bring in new business and see increased revenue because of their podcast. I know it can work for you as well.  Here’s the proof.


Busy people listen to podcasts. It’s become part of the busy executive lifestyle. Listening during a commute, or while working out are common. There’s no need to watch or read. Just hit play, put in the earbuds and go.
You may never be able to get your dream client on the phone and geography can make an in person meeting out of the question. Ask them to be a guest on your podcast. You’re likely to get a yes and a new subscriber.

Podcasting is incredibly accessible. You can reach anyone that has a phone with a podcast app.
It’s a friction-less form of sharing content. It’s too easy not to do it.


Podcasts are intimate. Did you know that infants recognize voices before they can recognize faces? Your listeners will feel like they know you. They hear your intonation; they pick up on your energy and passion.
When you share content in a compelling way, your listeners will hear you, even better, they will remember you. It’s the ultimate know, like and trust factor. And all you have to do is be you.

It’s an incredible way to build common ground. It makes you accessible and relatable. You are also seen as a leader, expert and influencer in your industry. It’s an equal opportunity format. No one has to appoint you as the chosen one, and your listener can choose the voice(s) they want to hear.


It’s easy to stand out from your competition. Business podcasts aren’t new. They are a proven part of a communications strategy. Still, many traditional industries aren’t taking advantage of audio content. That’s their loss. You can quickly establish yourself and your company as the market leader. It’s also worth knowing that most podcasts never make it past episode 7! That’s why those who adopt the strategy and do it well are seeing great results.

If you’ve been a podcast fan for years, you were an early adopter. It took until 2019 for 51% of the adult population in the US to report listening to at least one podcast episode. Saturated? No. Growing? YES!

"Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them.”

- Seth Godin


People engage fully with podcasts. Over 70% listeners consume the entire podcast. No other type of media has this level of engagement. They don’t just pop in for a few seconds (looking at you YouTube) or skim for highlights.
This explains why podcast-listener promotions work so well. Audience engagement is high. You can take advantage of this by providing compelling content and offering your audience additional ways to connect with your brand.

That’s how know, like and trust expands to buying. You will be seen as a trusted resource and partner.


You can leverage your podcast into other opportunities. Speaking engagements, book contracts and television appearances are behind a few of the doors that can be opened. Your listeners know you. You are part of their routine. Publishers and event coordinators know your audience will support the opportunity to buy your book or see you in person.

Your audience doesn’t have to be massive to make an impact because it’s about loyalty and stickiness. Podcast audiences are both. That’s why podcasting leads to other opportunities.


Podcasting is efficient and effective. Think about what it would take to speak in person to 2500 people every week. Too hard right? How abut 100 people? Is that doable week after week? Your schedule wouldn’t allow for that even if you had the opportunities lined up for you. Podcasting gives you the ability to use your time efficiently and still get your message in front of a loyal audience that shows up week after week.

You can batch content and prepare ahead of time, making the best use of your resources. Podcasting puts you in front of your target audience on a regular basis without wreaking havoc on your schedule and other priorities.

It’s also efficient for your listeners. They can listen anywhere, anytime that works for them. On demand inspiration? Yes please!


Podcasting allows you to promote and share success stories. Put a spotlight on your successful clients and star team members. Case studies and third-party validation are huge trust builders. Use your podcast to promote others. Prospective clients see the potential that working with you and your company provides. You don’t have to talk about yourself when clients can do it for you.

It’s inspiring to hear others share their stories. Your audience will appreciate the chance to hear about you/your company from others. Conversations about overcoming obstacles always inspires, even more when it’s from a peer.

Testimonials, reviews, crowd sourcing and feedback are just a few ways you can share content from others on your podcast.


You own the platform. The only rules are those that work for you. I tell people that podcasting is forgiving and long living. Editing allows you to sound your best. When you first start, it can take some time to feel comfortable in front of the microphone. You’ll find your groove, but until then you can do multiple takes and edit for a great listener experience.

Podcasts can live online forever. Without any promotion, I have podcasts that are over 2 years old that still get downloads every month! If you want to remove a podcast that’s no longer relevant you can do that too.

Take a stand. This is the perfect place to voice your informed opinion about your industry. What’s non-negotiable? Do your clients know your values and how they impact the company culture? This is the place to have that conversation.

I don’t recommend controversy as a strategy but if you take a stand that’s principled, even those who see things differently will respect your honesty and integrity. Your podcast platform allows you to take a stand when you need to and allows others to become part of the tribe.


You’ll improve your communication skills. I was nervous when I first hit the record button but I didn’t let it stop me. I learned how to shape a story so listeners could see themselves in the narrative. I still work on my communication skills including how to be a better interviewer. Even the most popular podcasters tell me that their first few episodes weren’t very good. People who now get millions of downloads and speak in front of large audiences credit podcasting for helping them be better communicators.

If speaking at conferences or industry events is on your radar, podcasting will help you hone your style. As your comfort in front of the microphone grows so will your confidence. Being an effective communicator is highly valued skill. Podcasting can be a key part of your professional growth with a long-lasting impact.


Money, revenue and sales growth. Podcasting moves the needle. You can increase revenue directly and indirectly with your podcast. I can draw a dotted line from my podcast to new revenue. People who met me as a result of the hearing the podcast and/or being a guest have subsequently become clients.

No sales pitch required. You can also monetize with sponsorships and ads. You can put episodes behind a paywall or on a Patreon page. Podcast content can be packaged with other resources as a course. Use your podcast to supplement book sales or membership content.  Grow your email list with offers just for your listeners. Promote your own products and services and if you choose, you can also be an affiliate for other products and services that you endorse and recommend.

Many business podcasters don’t start with the aim to make money directly, but as your audience grows so will the opportunities to monetize your content.


Podcasting is fun and rewarding. I want to be the person who helps others achieve their dreams and I researched podcasting because my husband had been telling me for years that I “chit chat” for a living. I’m glad he encouraged me. It it has become a good way for me to share what’s inspiring me.

It’s content in the form of service to my clients, prospects and anyone else who finds it helpful.
Podcasting can educate, inform, teach, inspire, motivate, and entertain. It’s accessible to anyone with a cell phone. You don’t need special skills or expensive equipment.

All you need is a desire to serve your audience.

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